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The Comedy Album!

This Halloween, for your aural pleasure, I'm releasing a comedy album. The aural experience is not actually pleasure, but more like the feeling like when Khan stuck the Ceti eel into Chekov's ear in Star Trek 2. Here are some answers to your pressing questions.

Why a comedy album?
When I went on book tour in 2008-2009 for Captain Freedom, I wrote and performed a lot of new material that had nothing to do with the book. Since then I've also been working on a new novel, but in the mean time I thought it might be fun to release material in a different medium.

What's it called?
The album's called G is for Gangsta. There will be some stories I've read aloud, a few monologues, and some other assorted whimsy.

The album's coming out both as a CD and mp3 on Halloween 2010. There are 13 tracks, running about 41 minutes. Your triskaidekaphobia is not my problem. You'll be able to buy it (major credit cards accepted) via PayPal. MP3 albums will be delivered almost immediately; CD's will be shipped in a timely manner.

What if I want to pre-order it?
Well bully for you! You can: The CD is priced at $9 (including US shipping) and the mp3 collection is $5.

MP3 VersionCD Version

You're producing it yourself? Are you some sort of nuclear biochemical rocket genius?
I'm using tools that you can find free: primarily, the sound editing software Audacity. There a few tracks with backround music that I've recorded myself or are available in the public domain.

Why aren't you working with a record label?
From what I've learned publishing a novel, I wanted to experiential with a medium in which I'd have control over all aspects: content, production, market and budgeting.

If you're producing this yourself how do I know it's not just a collection of boring fart jokes?
It's not that the work hasn't been edited. Two of the pieces were previously published by McSweeney's, but the rest of the material is new. That doesn't mean it hasn't all been seen or heard. Most of the stories and monologues have been performed live multiple times and take on a certain polish from audience reactions.

While it's not a collection of fart jokes, there are some explicit, adult themes. So it's not easy listening, not necessarily safe for work: unless you work as a sex toy tester in a factory surrounded by people with Tourettes.

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